1. Applicants are advised to renew their passports at least 8 months before expiration date. Submit a duly accomplished passport application form. Complete all the entries to avoid unnecessary delay. A parent may accomplish the passport application form of the minor child. 
  2. Submit the latest passport issued.
  3. Submit a photocopy of the data page showing the applicant's picture and personal details, including the entry visa to India, immigration arrival stamp by India's Bureau of Immigration and stamp indicating status of stay in India.
  4. Submit documents, together with photocopy of the said document(s), to show proof of the applicant's actual residence, e.g. driver's license, State ID, Employment ID, or other similar documents showing actual residence. 
  5. Additional supporting documents may be required when necessary. 
  6. For married women wishing to use the surname of their husband in a new passport please refer to item on Amendment of Passport. 
  7. Pay the passport renewal fee in the form of a demand draft (payable to "Embassy of the Philippines") upon submission of the application and complete requirements. The Philippine Embassy does not accept cash payments. Documents to be returned within India by mail require an additional fee for courier charges. For payment details, please go to Schedule of Fees.
  8. Beginning in 2010, the Philippine government started issuing electronic passports (ePassports) to all Filipinos residing/working in other countries. In India, all Filipino nationals are required to appear personally at the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi to apply for the new ePassport. All passports are processed in the Philippines and new passports will take approximately 30 days (period not guaranteed) to reach New Delhi. New electronic passports (ePassports)can be claimed personally at the Embassy or returned by courier mail to the applicants.

    From time to time, the Philippine Embassy conducts consular outreach programs in other states or cities of India and Nepal and applicants can avail of the passport encoding services during these programs. In such cases, the applicants do not need to come to New Delhi. Kindly inquire with the Honorary Consulates General near your place of residence for the schedules of these consular outreach programs.